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Use the power of silence in IT communication

Have you ever thought about this: in the tech world, being quiet might just be your best trick? I’m not talking about the quiet when we all forget the server room key. I’m talking about smart, chosen breaks in your chat that can give your words more punch, like hitting the enter key at the right time.

Think about it: IT is a loud place, with beeping things and non-stop talk. Here, talk is how we do stuff. But what if the times when you pick to be silent were just as key as when you talk loud? Yes, those small breaks can be worth a lot in tech.

Why should new tech folks use quiet in their chats?

Breaks make folks hear better. Think of a break like bold text in an email. When you hush for a bit after a big thought, it’s like you shine a light on your words. It’s your way of saying, “This is big—think on this.” It’s like you’ve just dropped a smart hint, and now you’re giving all a bit to let it sink in.

Silent times help things make sense. When you’re walking someone through a hard tech issue or showing how to fix stuff, a small break can be like hitting pause. It lets folks take a breath, ask stuff, and follow you. Not all brains move fast; some need those extra ticks to get it.

Being quiet lets others have a go at talking. A lot of the best tech thoughts come from team work. By stopping, you’re making space for others to put out their thoughts. It’s like saying, “Your turn—let us know what you think!” This quiet time can be where fresh, new answers start.

So, how do you fit these breaks into your chats without sounding like your brain’s taking a break?

Some easy tips:

  • The Three-Second Rule: After a key point, breathe deep and count to three in your head. This gives your words more heft and lets them hit harder.
  • Ask and Hold: Rather than just going on and on, ask something and then wait. Let others dive in, which can lead to richer talks.
  • Hear Well: Sometimes, the best quiet time is when you’re hearing someone else. Just nod and show you get it, without interrupting them, to show you value their thoughts.

To wrap it up…

…my tech pals, next time you’re in a meet or talking to someone, remember how strong a bit of quiet can be. Use it smart, and see how it shifts your talks, making them from one-way into cool, shared chats.

If you want to get better at talking with others or if you want tips on making a top-notch show in your IT job, I’m here to help. Reach out for a free hour of coaching where we can help make those silent times into great chances for your work!


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