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Effective Ways to Successful Online Meetings

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Remote meeting tips for IT business

Welcome to the World of Virtual Miscommunication!

Have you left a web chat feeling lost? This is the mix-up of online chats! I’m Mike One Dollar, and I help new tech folks get good at their jobs. So, let’s clear up how to do well in web talks.

We often don’t think that online has its own ways of doing things. Now, how do you make your voice loud without being rude online? Let’s dive in and see.

Web meetings are now normal, but they’re full of traps that can trip up even the top expert. Easy slip-ups like cutting in on people, bad video use, or doing too many things at once can mess up a good talk.

Unmute Yourself

First, talking when others talk. In a web room, it’s not just rude; it breaks up everything. When one’s talking, let them. Use tools like “raise hand” to show you want to talk, and always wait your turn.

Now, about video. If you’re bad at using video, people may pull away or get the wrong idea. When you can, turn on your cam to show you’re in it and to use body language. Look right at the cam to seem like you’re making eye contact.

Doing different things in meetings may look smart, but it really messes up talking. It splits your mind and can make you lose key things. Stay in the moment, shut those extra windows, and just think about the talk you’re in.

To get better at online talks, here are some easy tips:

  • Hit mute when you’re not talking to keep noise down.
  • Make and share a plan to stay on the right path.
  • Say what needs to be done next and check in later.
  • Get everyone to talk by asking them big questions.
  • Use shared files for everyone to work together in the moment.

Being great at online talks is not just about tech stuff. It’s about making a place where talk is easy and all are heard. Just a bit of online manners helps a lot.


Act now, this may be one of the most important decisions of your life.

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